Is Google Glass Safe for Your Eyes?

Google Glass
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Now that Google Glass has become more and more enticing for users, news keeps blowing out from the internet of whether or not, it is safe for the eyes. Google Glasses have made an impact in today's generation with their outstanding features which are helpful in both saving time and being productive at work. The Google Glass allows a user to record or take pictures without ever moving his/her hands. They are sort of spectacle with an embedded tiny screen that displays images, emails, maps, and other information a user desires to see. 

Google Glass: Facts Introduced


Work Benefits of Using Google Glass

It was pointed out that this new device is helpful in various crucial work activities. Surprisingly, it can provide firefighters in the field with potentially lifesaving information. The information includes building floor plans and instructions for dismantling specific cars. If in critical aspects, such as saving lives, it provides a great help, how much more in other crucial activities without life at stake?


Possible Effects of Use

True that Google Glass is helpful in a lot ways, but how about its effect on the user's health. Because this tech is worn on the eyes, there are some issues today which exposes it's negative effects to the eyes.


People claim that it's just like wearing eyeglasses. Users may feel eye strain or get a headache. The effect of staring at the screen may be similar with computer monitors. It may affect posture, including some eye problems, such as redness, burning, irritation and blurred vision.


The main problem of using Google Glass is that it allows only one of your eyes to look into the screen. Mississauga Optometrist says that brain hates this thing, resulting in a visual confusion. It may give to several eye problems, including binocular rivalry, visual interference and phoria, a latent deviation or misalignment of the eyes that appears when both eyes are no longer looking at the same object.


In defense, Google Glass developers claim that the new version of this tech is way better than the former. Skip the features, but the focus is on their long-term effect on the eyes of the users. The aim is for user's safety and comfort. Though the latter version has an inevitable vision effect, it is only minimal, so users shouldn't worry about getting eye problems.


The Bottom Line

Google Glass is like any other thing in the realm of technology. It has its own advantages and disadvantages too. Have you thought about why computers are still being used today? The fact that they can cause several eye problems, why they are still part of our daily life? The answer is simple. The harm they can inflict us depends only on our usage. If your use is more than what's only needed, then you will most likely incur problems with it. Same goes with the Google Glasses. The way you use it matters on how it affect your eyes.

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