Eye Makeup Can Be A Root of Eye Problems

Eye Make and Eye Problems
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It's been a woman's mantra to never leave a house's premise without putting on a mascara or eyeliner. Makeup is always on a purse of a woman, use to enhance the appearance of the eyes - an added factor beauty. According to Optometrist Mississauga, whatever the reason behind wearing a makeup, one thing every woman should know: it can be a root of eye problems

Eye Problems Caused by Makeup


There are several issues that explain eye problems caused by a makeup. 


Scratched cornea


It usually happens when applying a makeup. A damage can lead to a serious infection called “corneal abrasion.”




Also known as  pink eye, which is caused by bacteria. Although there are makeup contents that prevent bacterial infection, but it is still possible for a bacteria to grow in your makeup. Usually, this case arises when the product is expired or not properly concealed.


Allergic reaction


Allergy can cause redness, eye swelling, irritation, or infection. It is advised that you check the label of the makeup before you buy it. 


How To Avoid Makeup Problems


This doesn't mean that you stop wearing makeup. It's just about taking precautions on using it. To avoid eye problems, here are the things that you should do:


1. Don't share your makeup. There are many cases of eye problems caused by conjunctivitis, usually happened by sharing of the product. You should never allow it because it is one of the best ways for the growth and spreading of bacteria. 


2. Apply the eyeliner outside of the lash line. This will help prevent eye scratches while you are applying a mascara or an eye liner.


3. Sharpen your eyeliner pencil. Never apply an eye liner when it is not sharpened. This also prevents scratched cornea issue. 


4. Replace the makeup every three to four months. Bacteria are most likely to grow after three or four months (result of expiration), so replace your product every after these months. You can easily identify an expired makeup when it begins to odor or start to form clumps. 


5. Replace the makeup after experiencing an eye infection. Make sure that you replace your makeup after getting an eye infection in order to prevent the bacteria from spreading. 


6. Don't apply makeup when you are in a moving vehicle. Any sharp object is harmful to the eyes, so never apply a makeup when you are in a moving vehicle. Wait until you step out. 


7. Remove your makeup every end of the day. One common problem for users is their negligence of removing their makeups before they sleep. This results in the forming of bacteria. Even more, since the eyes are very sensitive, the mascara or eyeliner might slip into the corner of the eye. This can result to an eye infection. 


Wear your makeup properly. That's pretty much about it.

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